Experiential Marketing Software to capture every detail of your program – all in one place.

okapi was designed for a purpose – to make it easier to collect and report data, measure ROI and manage your face-to-face marketing programs using a single piece of field marketing software.

Simply Powerful Experiential Software

okapi is a turnkey event program management software with real-time data collection and reporting that allows you to schedule and manage all of your face-to-face marketing programs.

We organize all of the data for streamlined reporting and measure your program’s ROI. This provides you with the information you need to make more informed decisions to improve future results.

In-person data collection

Measure what matters to you and calculate experiential ROI. From surveys to demographics to contact information for your CRM platform, okapi helps you learn more about your audience and stay connected long-term.

Increased operational efficiency

We’ve made field event marketing easy. okapi is designed and built to make it simple and efficient to set up events and field marketing campaigns, create recaps, and monitor and manage your people in the field.

Improved decision making and ROI

Our field event marketing software has a configurable dashboard that makes it easy for you to see the data that matters most to you. Combined with our experiential ROI reporting, you get a clear picture of your program and can make adjustments in real-time to improve results.

Our Clients

From the back-end technology to the user interface of our experiential software, everything was built
with experiential marketing measurement 
in mind.

Put an end to data chaos

okapi is field marketing campaign software that integrates with your other platforms and eliminates your reliance on multiple, disconnected systems. okapi organizes your data into a single dashboard to help you manage, monitor and measure every aspect of your program.

Be up and running in 30 minutes

okapi was built to be intuitive, so it’s easy to learn and even easier to implement. With over 30 years of event program management and field marketing experience, we kept the end user in mind and made our field marketing software simple and easy to use.

Configurable by you – no coding required

Our event program management platform allows you to configure your templates, survey, recaps and reporting dashboard. No need for expensive developers. Plus, we are always adding additional features  to our experiential marketing software at no additional cost to you.

We make your data more meaningful

Our field marketing software helps you make sense of the data you get in the field by displaying it in a clear, understandable way. With our experiential marketing measurement, you’ll have a clear picture of what is and isn’t working with your program, with exportable reports you can share with your team.