A new year equals new features and our development team has been hard at work delivering the goods to make your job easier. Join our lead developer, Bryant, as he explores new experiential software features including:

  • Places Quick Add (0:50) Turns out, remembering to add a place before creating an event isn’t really all that easy to remember. Insert Places Quick Add which allows for the creation of a place on the fly.
  • User Recruitment* (1:55) Assigning team members to activities works some of the time, but what about those times when you don’t know your team’s schedule? With User Recruitment, send an invitation to your team and allow them to accept the activities that best fit their schedule. You still have the power to control who and how many team members work the event, all without the hassle of coordinating schedules.
  • User Schedules (4:41) Knowing when you need to be somewhere is important. User Schedules allow team members to quickly view a list or calendar of all assigned activities – past, present and future.

New Dashboard Widgets

  • Quick Stats (6:38) Recaps and surveys – here at okapi we love them. We also love to drill down and view results for a single question asked on those recaps and surveys. Say hello to Quick Stats which provides average or sum value of any numeric type question asked on a recap or survey. It’s simple, but knowing your average Activity Attendance might prove valuable.
  • Activities By User By Activity Type (7:24) Get to know your team. If Frankie loves working Guerilla activities, let him work Guerilla activities. Activities By User By Activity Type gives a look at the types of activities each team member has been assigned, including Frankie.
  • Samples Distributed By Event (8:06) Nothing fancy here, like the title says, see all samples distributed by event.

Shameless Plug For Standard Questions (8:20) We love standard questions and everything they’re about – making recap and survey template creation painless, encouraging all data to speak the same language, allowing for limitless dashboard widgets. Bottom line, standard questions are awesome.

  • Samples Distributed By User (8:34) Guess what, same as Samples Distributed By Event but grouped by team member.
  • Custom Exports (10:48) Need some special data that doesn’t fit into the provided okapi data exports? We can do that. Yes, there is a cost associated – we enjoy having the lights on while we work.
  • Web-Based Surveys* (11:29) We took all the things we love about surveys and made them available on the web. Create a survey, receive a URL, share it with anyone (yes, anyone!) and watch the survey results pile in – instantly.

*okapi 360/Enterprise subscribers only

Take a closer look and watch now!