Another month in the books and our development team has been hard at work delivering the goods to make your job easier. Join our lead developer, Bryant, as he explores new features including:

  • Question Response Options Enhancement (0:16) – When viewing or adding questions, more information is useful. In this case, we now show you the response options for Select (Single-Answer), Select (Multiple-Answer) and Single Column Matrix question types up front, no strings attached.
  • Multiline Text Inputs (1:26) – As the need for data collection grows, so do text inputs. We’ve added an additional configuration option for text inputs to allow for multiline text. Add paragraphs of text, double-spaced if you’d like, and we’ll save it just as you enter it.
  • Event Totals (3:57) – Viewing rollup data from activity recaps at the event level has never been easier (we think). Insert the Event Totals rollup, available for any numeric value and calculated automatically with no additional configuration.
  • Web Survey QR Codes* (4:56) – Web-based surveys are awesome. Typing and sharing long web-based survey URLs isn’t. We’ve added QR codes (yes, generated automatically with no additional configuration from you) for any web-based survey. Set-up an activity with the appropriate survey template and get your phone ready. Head over the the activity overview page and marvel at the QR code – take a picture and access the web-based survey with ease.
  • okapi ROI* (6:30) – Take a moment to harness the power of campaigns. Shane Freeman gives you all the details and walks through how to configure a campaign for use with okapi ROI in this video. We touch on the fun stuff of data hierarchy and how it works behind the scenes.

*okapi 360/Enterprise subscribers only

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