We make our team & users’ lives easier through innovation

okapi was born out of 30+ year experience living and breathing experiential marketing. From mobile tours and sampling programs to large-scale business meetings and events, our pedigree comes from creating amazing marketing experiences for world-class companies and partners. But defining success for experiential was challenging. Managing teams and a thousands of simultaneous data points from across the globe, many of which were coming from part-time and contract staff, was even more difficult. We knew there had to be a better way.

Dating all the way back to 1519, William Horman first used the latin phrase Mater artium necessitas…better known today as, “necessity is the mother of invention.” Thus okapi was born. Since 2015 we have been delivering high-quality software solutions that help experiential marketers measure their efforts, monitor their progress, and manage their teams…all from a simple and powerful cloud-based application. Built to be flexible enough to accommodate the most complex programs yet still easy to setup and use, there’s not another product on the market today that delivers the goods quite like okapi does. But if you know of one would you please let us know; we may need to change our whole marketing pitch?


In the grand scheme of things we know we’re still a new kid on the block. But if you’d like to know which direction we’re headed our mission serves as true North. If you think it may align with your mission then give us a call…let’s make some magic together.

okapi seeks to deliver actionable insights by capturing, managing, and analyzing experiential marketing programs and events. We build simple, powerful tools fortified by years of experience, unstoppable intelligence, and seamless integrations.


If you’re wondering how we do it then wonder no more. Every day our dedicated team shows up to live and breath a set of core values we use to make each and every decision. Whenever in doubt we fall back on this list:

Be Honest
Be Humble
Integrity Above Ethics
Give More Than You Receive
Ask Why
Embrace Constructive Conflict
Think at Scale
Empower Others
Seek a Challenge
Never Stop Learning

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