A platform designed to scale

Integrate with Existing Systems

We know experiential marketing is only one aspect of your total marketing effort. With lots of initiatives comes lots of tools. That’s why we designed okapi to integrate with your existing systems. Whether it’s a daily file transfer or near-real-time API integrations, the okapi team can integrate with your existing infrastructure. Ask your account exec for further details.

White Label for Large Brands & Agencies

There’s not another platform on the market that was built specifically to accommodate agencies and resellers like okapi does. With full data and code segregation, there is no chance your data will ever be intermingled with that of your competition. Agencies have 100% control of their clients, environment, pricing model and branding.

Reliable, Scalability & Secure

With 99.999% uptime and best-in-class backup procedures, we ensure the okapi platform is working whenever and wherever you are. We use the industry’s most stable, reliable and secure hosting platform to make sure your data is available when you need it. And in case an accident does happen we’ve got your back covered.

Cutting Edge Tech & Infrastructure

okapi was built from the ground up with cutting edge technology and infrastructure. Our tech stack was engineered to accommodate speed to market, infinite flexibility, and unlimited scale. Do you have a large program with massive quantities of data? No problem. We use some of the newest and most popular technology on the market and get to offer you some of the same amazing features you see from the largest tech companies in the industry.


Custom Measurement and Reporting for Your KPI’s


Monitor All of Your Data in a Single, Mobile-First Dashboard


A Central Dashboard to Manage Your Events and Teams