Every program is unique - but that shouldn’t cost you more!


Programs, Campaigns, Regions & Markets

Managing all your programs, campaigns, regions and markets is an evolving process. Ensuring your reporting accurately represents real life is critical so you need a platform that brings those things together…and doesn’t take weeks or dollars each time an adjustment is needed. That's why okapi give you scalable and flexible platform to implement your unique program structure and make changes on the fly.


Permissions & Access to Data

Ensuring each of your team members has access to only the data and features they need is critical to the success of your program. This is why security is one of okapi’s highest priorities. Our flexible permission model and data access groups give administrators the ability to assign each user with just the right permission role and access to only the data they need to do their job.


Templates, Question Banks & Properties

Collecting reliable and consistent data is only as easy as the tool you're using. New questions and answer options get added and old ones often get retired. When using okapi's template builders, even non-technical team members can build and update recap and survey templates. Changes are immediately available to all downstream users and most importantly, your data is never erased or accidentally deleted.


Your Platform, Your Brand

The way you market your product is just as important as the product itself. Your marketing team worked hard to develop an amazing brand and we want your field team and consumers to experience that brand regardless of the software they're using. Within minutes, okapi can incorporate your colors and logo ensuring brand consistency across all each of your technology systems.


Automation & Workflow

Excel and Dropbox might work great for small programs but if you have multiple teams in the field working hundreds or thousands of events you need a more robust tool. okapi understands those challenges and has built-in workflows to ensure you and your team can operate at scale. With our configurable notification system, we can save you hours of time each week by automatically reminding your field team to complete their work and submit their recaps. Need to send a message to a team in the field? okapi makes that easy too!


Works Everywhere You Do

okapi was built from the ground up to work wherever you are and on any device you use. With an internet connection, users can access the responsive web app from any computer or mobile browser. With okapiHQ, our iOS and Android app, your field team can collect data and complete their tasks in offline mode without access to a live connection. Then, once internet is available, users can easily sync their data with the click of a button.