The only 360° experiential marketing measurement platform that's 100% configurable by minutes.


Powerful Dashboards - Out of the Box

With okapi, every aspect of your program is measurable. Our customizable dashboards give you actionable insights within a few clicks...on any device, anywhere in the world. Each user can create their own customized dashboard to see exactly the information they need to do their job.


Access to All of Your Data, Files & Media

Experiential programs generate loads of data, media and documents (we think the more the better). Users can view the data from within okapi or easily export it for analysis into popular analytics applications such as Tableau or Excel. If it's images or videos your team needs, we've got you covered. If you need somewhere to store all your event contracts, receipts, training materials and contacts...look no further.


Compare Benchmarks

Never before have programs been able to compare their performance with that of their peers. With okapi, we are bringing experiential marketing benchmarks to the forefront to help you manage and train your teams and set the proper expectations for senior leadership. All with top tier security and privacy in mind.


Quickly Visualize Trends & Anomalies

Not every event, location or brand ambassador is created equal. Having been in the experiential business for over 30 years we know what to look for to make sure your field team is performing at their highest level. okapi surfaces anomalies quickly to ensure your team and events are performing just the way you’d like them to.