Searching for the elusive experiential ROI? Not any more…


Events & Activities

Everything starts with an activity. That's where your team shines and we've made it easy to track where you're going, where you've been, and what you did while you were there. Then you can make an informed decision to go back or not. Using okapi's unique approach to data collection and our intuitive and efficient design interface, users are quickly able to create an event and link it to multiple activations. Now you have insights at a granular level and an easy to read event overview.


Recaps, Files & Media

Inspect what you expect. This is the single best ways to ensure success across all your experiential activities. Our 100% configurable recaps and the ability to upload images, videos, and attachments allows your brand ambassadors a simple and efficient way to communicate their activities and progress…all in real-time.



The most effective way to get to know your customers is to talk to them...then analyze the results. With okapi's built-in and brandable survey module, your brand ambassadors won't need to use multiple applications to do their job. Build your survey and begin collecting feedback, contact information, and purchase intent. From there ROI is right around the corner.


Team & Schedules

okapi makes managing your team and schedules easy. Quickly and easily assign brand ambassadors to an activity and know exactly who's doing what all with a few mouse clicks.



Some of your contacts are in Outlook, some in Excel, some are even handwritten on napkins…many of them are not accessible to your teams in the field. okapi’s built-in CRM gives you one place to store and access your entire contact list from anywhere and from any device. Let okapi be your single source of truth and put your mind at ease when turnover occurs.


Google Places Integration

With our seamless integration with Google Places and Maps, okapi has eliminated the need to retype addresses, lookup the times a business opens or closes, or directions how to get there. No longer will you if your brand ambassadors will make it to the correction location on time. Setup all your places once then use our quick search to build an event and activity in seconds.