Monitor all your event data from a single, easy-to-use platform.

Events & Activities

Everything starts with an activity. That’s where your team shines and we’ve made it easy to track where you’re going, where you’ve been, and what you did while you were there. Then you can make an informed decision to go back or not. Using okapi’s unique approach to data collection and our intuitive and efficient design interface, users are quickly able to create an event and link it to multiple activities. Now you have insights at a granular level that roll up to an event, program, region, market or campaign.

Recaps, Files & Media

Inspect what you expect. This is the single best way to ensure success across all your experiential activities. Our 100% configurable Recaps and the ability to upload images, videos, and attachments allows your team in the field a simple and efficient way to communicate their activities and progress…all in real-time. Collect feedback on the audience, the activity, crowd participation, technical issues…or anything else you can think of. Just create a new question and you’re all set. 


The most effective way to get to know your customers and attendees is to interact to them…then analyze the results. With okapi’s built-in and brandable survey module, your team in the field won’t need to use multiple applications to do their job. Build your survey and begin collecting feedback at every activity. Collecting contact information, purchase intent, or satisfaction scores at the end of each Activity is simple with a unique shareable URL. And from there ROI is right around the corner.

Team & Schedules

okapi makes managing your team and schedules easy. Quickly and easily assign your field team to an Activity and know exactly who’s going where and when. Team members can easily view their assignments from their schedule page. And with our Recruitment features, event managers can invite all team members to apply for a set number of open spots for an activity. All a team member needs to do is click Apply and you’ll have a fully staff event in minutes. 


Custom Measurement and Reporting for Your KPI’s


Designed to Help You Scale Efficiently and Effectively


A Central Dashboard to Manage Your Events and Teams