Event Data Collection Reimagined

okapi is cloud-based software for experiential, event and remote data collection. We help organizations measure, monitor, and manage their onsite staff to efficiently collect and organize field data, surveys, and supporting documentation across multiple events, activities, locations, programs and campaigns.

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We’re kinda like SurveyMonkey® , Google Calendar®, and Excel® all rolled into one, simple & powerful app.

*Survey Monkey®, Google Calendar® or Microsoft Excel® are not associated or affiliated with okapi in any way, nor do they endorse or approve of any okapi products or services.

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An End to Event Data Chaos

Wouldn’t it be nice if every detail of your experiential program or event-based activities were all stored in one system? What if that system could give you actionable insights every timed you logged in?

okapi eliminates multiple, disconnected systems and replaces them with a single, customized dashboard to measure, monitor and manage every aspect of your program. okapi provides reports, updates, and instantaneous feedback to your team and leadership all with a few clicks. Ditch your disconnected systems and hours of manual data management and start saving time and money with okapi. 

How okapi Works

Simple & Powerful

Backed by 30+ years of field marketing experience, okapi is a cloud-based platform that captures, manages and analyzes details from your experiential marketing programs. We replace data chaos with actionable insights so your team can focus on the tasks that really matter.

360° Experiential & Event Marketing Measurement

From executives and program managers to field staff and consumers, okapi has been designed so your entire team can use the same platform. okapi was designed with the features and functionality this work demands, ensuring an experience that enhances your connection to the field.

No Coding Required

Stop paying for expensive developers to develop your templates, recaps and surveys. okapi puts the power of configuration in your hands using any standard web browser. Add to that all the new features you get every single month – at no additional cost – and you have a cloud-based platform that is both budget-friendly and will always grow with your program.

Accessing the okapi Support Center

The okapi support system is available to current okapi customers only. Currently clients and their users are determined by their registered domain name. Therefore, if you company’s primary domain is atmaexperiential.com, only users with an email address ending with...

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