Partner Program

Partnership is at Our Core

okapi has created two programs to accommodate organizations we partner with the most. If you’re interested in reselling okapi for your agency or organization while still maintaining the client relationship and support, then our reseller program may be the best path for you. If you’d prefer to let okapi handle all the setup, support and details then our referral program could be a great opportunity for us to work together.

Security First

We architected our platform from the ground up to support agencies and resellers. Each of our reseller partners receive their own private environment so your data and code are never comingled with other partners. This ensures 100% privacy and security while still receiving all the benefits of a cloud-based, SaaS platform. Every partners receives all the new features and updates while still maintaining total control of your data, security and privacy.

Partnerships of All Sizes

At okapi we don’t believe the size of your agency should change your ability to use our platform. That’s why our partner program was built to accommodate both large and small agencies alike. Each month, you’ll pay for only the active users in your environment. No more buying in bulk and losing money when accounts go unused.

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