Design and Measure Programs That Deliver ROI

Strategy & Design

Many times, the goals of a new experiential program is to simply get the product into as many new hands as possible. While that strategy may work for a while it’s highly likely you will use a tremendous amount of resources and money and not deliver the maximum amount of results. okapi was born out of 30+ years in experiential marketing so we understand many of the challenges new brands face in designing high ROI producing programs. Our strategy and design team can assist you with designing a program that meets your needs and accomplishes your goals…all while using okapi 360° to measure KPIs along the way.

Data Science & Analytics

okapi is great at collecting all the data from your experiential program but unless you’re using that data to make better decisions about how and where you spend your program dollars then you’re not utilizing the full benefits of the product. Our data science team can help you uncover hidden trends, find the answers to difficult questions and uncover new and interesting opportunities that may be hidden in your data. If you don’t have the need for a full-time data scientist then give us a call…we’ll let you borrow ours. 

For more information regarding Program Strategy & Design or Data Science & Analytics reach out to our team.

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