Use Cases

okapi is the most flexible and comprehensive event-based data collection platform on the market used by countless industries to measure, monitor and manage their experiential, remote, and event-based data collection.

Some of those industries include…

Experiential & Field Marketing Programs

Creating powerful experiences for consumers is the best way to make a memorable impact. But how do you know if you’re being successful? okapi helps brands and agencies measure their experiential marketing, field programs, mobile tours, and sampling programs by collecting data from each brand ambassador at each activity and presenting it in an easy to use dashboard for quick reporting and design making. 

Events, Trade-Shows & Speaking Engagements

Knowledge is power and if you’re a B2B company then event marketing and thought leadership are surely part of your growth strategy. Whether you’re attending trade shows, sponsoring events, or sending your team into the field to present workshops, webinars, or lunch & learns, you need a place to measure and manage all those engagements and collect as much data as possible. okapi allows companies to schedule and assign events, gather post-event reports, survey participants and seamlessly generate new leads in your CRM or marketing automation platform.
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Training & Workshop Providers

If you’re in the business of delivering training sessions or workshops and need a way to keep track of all your data in a single system then okapi is the system you’ve been looking for. Schedule all your events, assign your facilitators and trainers, then gather feedback from each participants to measure the effectiveness of your staff. okapi makes it easy to display reports broken down by trainer, market, region or program. 

Government & Community Outreach

Reaching out to constituents and local community members is an amazing way to gather feedback and build support for your organization or cause. But collecting and sorting through all that data in an effort to make better decisions or demonstrate impact is not easy…especially when reporting across multiple geographic regions is a requirement. okapi allows government and community organizations a simple and secure way to gather feedback from their constituents and report their findings in easy to use exports, reports and graphs. 

Entrepreneur, Accelerator & Incubator Communities

With so much time and money devoted to economic development, cities across the country are hosting more startup events and workshops than ever before. Entrepreneur communities, accelerators, Meetup groups and mastermind sessions are happening every day yet no one really knows what these communities want and need to be even more successful. okapi offers a shared source of truth to give everyone in your community a place to schedule events and gather data from multiple sources.

Education & Research Projects

Research firms and universities that gather massive quantities of field data often spend a significant portion of their time sorting and organizing data for proper analysis. Even more important is ensuring all the data is collected in a uniform fashion to ensure the statistical validity of their research. okapi makes structured data collection across multiple locations and events easy and familiar. Using a single standardized system to train your team is less costly and ensures proper procedures are followed from the first survey to the last. 

Non-Profits, NGOs & Grant-Funded Projects

Writing your first grant proposal is hard enough so don’t make the second round even harder. Knowing ahead of time what success looks like will allow you to show your project’s overall impact within each community you’re serving.  Gathering that data in real time will make your second grant application that much easier and allows you to make adjustments along the way to ensure maximum impact. With okapi, each funded activity can be tracked and measured which will makes your final program reporting a snap. 

Distributors, Site Visits & Secret Shopper Programs

Brands pay millions of dollars getting their products placed in retail locations all over the world. But how do you ensure your marketing dollars are being used most effectively? Using okapi, brands and distributors can log each site or secret shopper visit, upload photos of displays or product placement, and even measure product remaining on the shelves to ensure inventory levels stay positive. 

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